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All too often, we see an avoidable breakdown in the estate and family wealth planning system. Many folks will decide it is time to start planning for their future and schedule a meeting with an attorney who advertises “estate planning” services. They attend a consultation, fill out a questionnaire and then have some documents drawn up and executed. Thinking their spouse and family are protected should something happen to them, they never reach out to that attorney again—and the attorney doesn’t contact the individual once the documents have been executed. There is no ongoing attorney-client relationship and the client’s information isn’t kept current and updated. This broken system results in the rendering of many estate plans obsolete even before the individual passes away.

Our experienced attorneys at Volunteer Law take a family-centered approach when helping our clients prepare for the future. We will help you create an estate plan that accounts for all of your assets and ensures your spouse and/or family is provided for in accordance with your wishes should the unexpected happen to you. Generally, an estate plan will always include a will and power of attorney. It can also include a health care directive (a document you sign now to specify the type and extent of medical and personal care you would want later were you unable to make and communicate your own decisions), a trust that protects certain assets and avoids probate, and/or a family protection plan that will protect your minor children should a tragedy befall both parents. These important documents (and others as applicable) will eventually constitute an estate plan based on your family’s unique needs.

Rest assured, our estate planning attorneys will follow-up with you each year free of charge to confirm that all the information in your estate plan remains current. At that time, we can advise you as to whether any revisions or amendments may be necessary. It’s also vital to annually confirm the status and availability of any individuals or couples you may have named as your minor children’s guardian(s) should something happen to you, as there are numerous factors that can impact whether or not they remain the appropriate fit for your children.

Please call our office today to schedule a free family wealth planning phone consultation and allow our experienced estate planning attorneys to help protect your family’s future.

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