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Our mission at Volunteer Law is to achieve significant and sustainable reductions to the overall expense of each client’s worker’s compensation program. Our commitment to this mission—and our success in efficient file handling as well as long-range strategic risk-management—allows us to exceed our clients’ expectations and produce positive change for employers across Tennessee.

The trademarks of our innovative practice model include:

  • Individual attorney file ownership from conception to closure
  • Cutting-edge analysis and creative strategies that identify and neutralize risks and result in fast and efficient resolutions
  • Partnering and communicating with each client not only to close individual files, but to develop long-term, comprehensive, and tailor-made improvements to their insurance programs like workers’ compensation.

Our practice model allows us to achieve extraordinary cost savings for employers in sectors ranging from construction to the hospitality industry. Equipped with this deep industry-specific experience, our attorneys are also able to identify cost-saving and risk management opportunities at the intersection of various issues, such as workers’ compensation and employment decisions.

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