best online ticket selling sites

The Best Online Ticket Selling Sites

There are many online ticket retailers that can aid you in finding low-cost tickets and premium seats when you are looking to purchase tickets for concerts, sporting events, or for any other occasion. However, finding online ticket websites the ideal combination of cheap prices and quality can be difficult. In this post, we’ll take a look at Razorgator, StubHub, ScoreBig and TicketCity and then how to figure out which one is the best.


Razorgator is an online ticket-selling site that permits registered users to purchase and sell event tickets. It lets buyers browse through ticket listings and then purchase tickets. The seller has 48 hours to approve delivery. The buyer cannot stop the transaction until a sale has been made. Ticket prices displayed on Razorgator are permanent and cannot be changed. To sell tickets through Razorgator, you must provide exact information about the event and seat.

Razorgator is an online ticket marketplace that sells tickets for concerts as well as sports, theater as well as vacation packages. If customers cannot or are unwilling to attend an event, they can sell their tickets online. Security on the site ensures that the tickets are authenticated and are delivered in a timely manner. Customers can also count on speedy prompt, professional customer service as well as reduced cost. This is worth a glance. But, make sure you do your research before purchasing.

The website operates within the United States and other countries in which its services are available. Razorgator does not guarantee compliance with local law. Nonetheless, if you are based in a country where Razorgator isn’t available, you need to check with local authorities to determine the legitimacy of your purchase. Razorgator will likely be able to sell your tickets.

Razorgator’s ticket sales website cannot guarantee a refund for cancellations or changes to dates. Razorgator is not responsible for rescheduled events and there’s no assurance that the event you have booked will occur in the future. If it happens to be cancelled, you’ll have to cancel your purchase and pay all the cost for tickets. If the event is rescheduled you’ll get credit for any tickets not used.


StubHub is an online marketplace for tickets founded in 2000 by two Stanford Business School graduates and an investment banker. The company focuses on innovation and technology, and it has a mobile app for both Apple as well as Android users. The primary objective of StubHub is to offer an environment that is safe for ticket buyers and sellers to sell and purchase tickets. StubHub offers refunds and warranties to sellers and buyers in the event of problems.

StubHub’s system maps seating for large events such as sporting events or concerts. Customers can select between tickets for general admission as well as seats that are reserved for seating. You can also highlight additional features on their tickets, such as the seating location. You can also add a photo or video to their listing. If they’re selling tickets themselves, StubHub will pay you directly.

StubHub is well-known and well-known ticket-selling platform. It has a huge customer base and has security measures. The interface lets sellers set prices and adjust them without having to talk to buyers. Ticketmaster is, however, the only one with an authentic reselling plan that allows them to connect ticket sellers with buyers without the need to pay commissions. This option is not offered at all venues, so make sure to look into other options before making a final decision.

StubHub is owned by eBay and is one of the largest online ticket sellers. It offers a wide selection of tickets with reasonable prices. Find out if tickets are being sold at the box office prior to you buy tickets on StubHub. Live Nation will likely offer an advantage if tickets are not already sold out. Make sure to check that the website could charge a seven dollar processing fee for checking tickets.

StubHub makes it easy to market tickets. Log in to the site and search for the event you’d like to sell. Select a section or row as well as the number of tickets and any additional notes. After that, choose the method of delivery you would like for your tickets. After you are done selling the tickets, you are able to easily distribute your tickets. There are several ways to send tickets.


ScoreBig is one of the top online ticket-selling sites. It offers a revolutionary non-public pricing system that allows customers to choose their own price, but not the actual price. This is an excellent method for buyers to secure a good deal without being scammed by a costly ticket. Customers can take their bid at any time and not have to fret about paying shipping charges. ScoreBig doesn’t require customers to submit minimum bids or pay shipping costs.

The company has raised $17 million in funding for series B and $22.5 million since it was founded at the end of 2009. ScoreBig has attracted investors like Shari Redstone, the daughter of Sumner Redstone. ScoreBig sells tickets for 600,000 to thousands of events. The website is currently open to guests who are invited however this may change in the near future. The site is clean and well-designed, and there aren’t any hidden fees or shipping costs.

Another fantastic site to sell tickets is Craigslist. While the process takes more expertise and attention to detail, Craigslist can offer some fantastic bargains. Because there are many sellers on Craigslist it is highly recommended for people looking to buy tickets for sale at a reasonable price. Be sure to thoroughly inspect the tickets before you purchase. Ticketflyers is a technological ticket exchange platform , which also functions as a trading platform.

Ticket Liquidator offers a superior interface. Although their interface is more user-friendly than ScoreBig’s interface, it does not guarantee discounts up to the value of the ticket. Ticket Liquidator, a secondary site for resales, has cheaper fees than ScoreBig. It also has a higher rate of availability than other. But if you’re looking for deep discounts, you’re probably better off using ScoreBig.

Another excellent site is TicketIQ. This website, which links buyers and sellers, has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. It is one of the top ticket-selling sites that sells sports tickets, and also has many pickup locations throughout Chicago. ScoreBig also offers a low price guarantee. If you can find the exact same seats for sale in another place, ScoreBig will refund you 110%.


TicketCity is an online ticket selling website which has been operating for almost 30 years. Founded by Randy Cohen in 1990, it has grown to include multiple sales models, from phone sales to online sales. The company continues to develop in response to customers’ demands, and continues to improve its services. As an example, it recently introduced an app on its website, which allows customers to share tickets for events as well as other details with their friends.

The TicketCity website offers a seating chart that can be interactive. However, it also offers the ability to view seating maps. It is possible to see how many tickets are available by hovering your mouse over an area of the seating chart. Seats are listed in order from lowest to highest price, so they are not always displayed according to location. Additionally, TicketCity has an app for iPhone and iPad users, which is more current than the site itself. The app offers suggestions for events within your town along with the ability to save tickets to e-tickets.

One of the most enduring online ticket selling sites, TicketCity has helped over one million people purchase tickets. Their site not only lets users to purchase tickets it also offers resources for fans, such as parking passes, hospitality access hotels in the vicinity of the venue, as well as all-inclusive event packages. TicketCity has been around for more than 30 years and is reliable and dependable. They are available every day of the week. They also offer the assurance of a ticket, which is a great bonus if you’re unhappy with your tickets.

TicketCity The ticket marketplace, which is an online seller website, is easy to use. No registration is necessary, and you will not need to sign up for an account in order to buy tickets. All you need to do is enter your email address to track your order. The site also offers one-click purchase for convenience. When buying tickets, make sure to check the details given by the seller in order in order to avoid being ripped off. TicketCity is a great option to begin with if have a problem with your ticket.

TicketCity respects the terms of its guarantee in relation to refunds. There is no price guarantee. Therefore, tickets may be bought above “face value” however, you may still receive a full refund if they aren’t satisfactory. The guarantee is also applicable to any payments you make to purchase tickets. TicketCity also has a 100% money back guarantee if you are concerned about losing your money.