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  • Whether in the context of a divorce or when unmarried parents elect to co-parent separately, an unfortunate aspect of many parenting disputes is that it’s all too easy to lose sight of what is in their children’s best interest. This can result in permanent damage being inflicted on parent/child relationships.  Our goal at Volunteer Law is to safeguard our clients’ relationships with their children and we will work tirelessly as your attorney to resolve your parenting dispute in a manner that protects your children and maximizes your parenting time.
  • Our child custody attorneys can expertly advise you regarding a co-parenting schedule that is tailored to your family’s specific needs—taking into account employment obligations, school and extracurricular activity schedules, the unique developmental needs of your children, and any other logistical considerations.
  • If you have children, are considering filing for divorce and have decided it is best that you co-parent separately, it is imperative that you speak with a skilled child custody attorney prior to taking any action that may have legal significance.

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