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  • Regardless of the length of the marriage, divorce is a life-altering and stressful process that will have profound implications on the rest of your life. It is a process that no one should go through alone and our goal at Volunteer Law is to provide the support and security you need to navigate it and begin the next chapter of your life.
  • A divorce raises numerous legal issues, each of which must be resolved before you can move forward with your life. Our Tennessee divorce attorneys have extensive experience litigating each of these issues and have had major success achieving favorable results for our clients in both negotiations and the courtroom:
    • Legal Grounds for Divorce — Establishing that grounds for divorce exist is the initial hurdle that must be overcome in any divorce proceeding, and it can be contentious when one party does not want to be divorced. If both parties are in agreement that a divorce is necessary, the marriage can be dissolved on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, provided the parties can reach a comprehensive agreement regarding the distribution of marital property and a co-parenting arrangement that is in their children’s best interests if there are any children of the marriage.
    • Child Custody — Our team has helped divorcing parents throughout Knoxville and the surrounding area negotiate temporary co-parenting arrangements and permanent parenting plans throughout the divorce process. We have also fought in court on behalf our clients when an agreement cannot be reached with their spouse as to what is in the best interest of their children.
    • Spousal/Child Support — Having the financial resources you need to support yourself and your family during and after a divorce is a major concern for many of our clients. Our family law attorneys have a strong understanding of the types of support available, including child support and alimony, and we have helped clients on both sides of the equation get fair results in support proceedings.
    • Equitable Distribution of Marital Property — Even in the most straightforward of divorce cases, the division of assets can be the most complicated aspect of many divorces. When there is a large pool of assets or a business interest is involved, the complications can multiply. Our Tennessee divorce attorneys understand both the practical and emotional issues involved when dividing marital property and have successfully litigated or negotiated resolutions in numerous cases involving complicated property division disputes.

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