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  • In Tennessee, orders of protection can harness the power of the court to keep an abusive spouse or partner from threatening or harassing you. However, if granted, these orders can have severe and unintended consequences. It’s important to discuss your case with an experienced order of protection attorney before you take steps that cannot be easily undone.
  • An order of protection is a civil—not criminal—order that prohibits the respondent (the person the order is taken out against) from communicating with the petitioner, being around the petitioner, or both. An order of protection is not available against just anyone, it is applicable only between spouses, partners, family members, roommates, and close relations. A petitioner can seek a strict order of protection that allows no contact and no communication whatsoever or an order that permits social contact with numerous variations in between.
  • Our experienced attorneys at Volunteer Law can ensure that a Petition for Order of Protection comprehensively addresses all of your safety concerns and is filed quickly and correctly. Conversely, if you have been served with a Petition for Order of Protection it is important that you immediately consult with one of our attorneys so we can clearly explain the possible ramifications of the petition with which you were served and immediately begin preparing a strong defense on your behalf.

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